Updates & Holiday Sale

Hello sweet VC friends:

It’s been way too long since we connected and we wanted to fill you in on the latest happenings.

As most of you know, we will not be hosting Fall Events… this year for sure and most likely not in the future. This is due to the difficulty we’ve had every year with securing a location that can allow us a full week of usage for a decent price. Because of school’s needing their buildings by the second week in August, a fall sale just hasn’t been feasible in a school. So, for the time being, count on our regular consignment even every Spring Break as usual but not for fall.

We are very excited to announce that we are hosting an exciting Holiday Bazaar and Vendor Fair on November 2nd at Stonespring Elementary. This event will not include our regular consignment items. Instead, this fair will be a holiday market of local vendors and handmade shop owners where you can come shop for unique gifts.  Please mark your calendars and plan to come out for a special shopping event!

If you are interested in setting up as a vendor, we would LOVE to have you! The cost is only $30 and you can register or find out more on our website. It’s sure to be a very special day!

We can’t wait to connect with you all again in November.

Thanks so much for supporting The Village Closet,

Lauren & Heidi

Shopper Tips for April Sale 2013

A Few Tips for Shoppers

Hey all. Just wanted to share a few important tips for shopping our Spring sale this year. We hope they’ll help make your experience fantastic! :)

Holding Items
This one’s super important. If you see a large item (like a pack n’ play, piece of furniture, etc) that you want to purchase, we will not hold big items (simply do not have the space), so please find the Floor Manager who can check out your purchase on the spot (she can take credit). After your purchase, you can bring the item to your vehicle and then come on in to continue shopping. We simply don’t have the space to hold these large items and it gets confusing to leave them where they are. We will have a small holding bay if you’d like to hold a pile of smaller items for 1 hour.

On the layout
You’ll find all the baby items and infant, children’s, and women’s clothing and shoes right when you walk through the doors of the gym (far left doors when you’re facing Stone Spring). Books, jewelry, and women’s accessories are on the right hand wall when you walk through the door. Toys and home decor are past the gym, in the cafeteria, which is also where check out is located.

We have some amazing vendors this year, and we know you’ll love them! Don’t pass these ladies by! You’ll find them on the back & side walls of the gym. Stop in for some fun giveaways, raffles, and all around great products for moms, kids, and families.

A team will be selling baked goods and coffee in the cafeteria. They are a youth group raising money for a missions trip to Guatemala this summer… please stop in and buy some yummies! We do kindly ask that all food be kept off the sales floor :)

We do check all bags and bins against your receipt upon exit. Please do not exit through the gym doors, but go on through to check out in the cafeteria and exit through the hallway as directed (even if you don’t buy anything… although, why wouldn’t you?! ;)). We so appreciate your corporation with this! Please remember these are local mamas selling gently used items for their families, so don’t steal, it’s dumb 😉 (we know that doesn’t apply to 99.9% of our fab shoppers! Thanks for “hearing us out” even though this doesn’t apply to you ;))

Sales are Final
We do our very best to screen all items for damage, stains, etc, but sometimes a stained item does slip through. Please please please check your items before your purchase as all sales are final; we cannot accept returns due to the nature of our sale.

We cannot wait to see you! There are more sellers and items than ever, so we know you’ll find lots of items you love at great prices.

See you Friday and/or Saturday!

Lauren + Heidi

The Price Is Right

vc purses

It can definitely be tricky figuring out how to price your items, but we have a few tips to help you out.

  1. DO check out our full Pricing Guide for lots of details on pricing.
  2. DON’T try to figure out how much you’ll make on each item. “If I sell this for $5, I’ll really only make $X, so I should sell it for $8 instead.” You’ll end up pricing your things too high and less things will sell. Our consignors who price low sell more items and end up making more money.
  3. DO price brand name items a bit higher than non-brands. Examples of brand names are Ann Taylor, Gap, Abercrombie & Fitch, Banana Republic, American Eagle, Gymboree…anything that has it’s own store. If it is from Kohl’s, JC Penny, Target, or another department type store, it is not a brand name.
  4. DO price things to sell! People are looking for a great deal and don’t want to pay $10 for a pair of baby girl pants from The Children’s Place. Typically, price items at least 75% off their retail value. If my Gap shirt cost $20, I would probably price it at around $5 or less.
  5. DON’T try to consign way outdated clothing items. Even if they are priced low, they are much less likely to sell. Focus on stuff that people would buy now.

Have fun and let us know if you need more help!

Increasing Your Sales


We’re all trying to make a little extra by consigning, but be sure to keep in mind some important tips to make your efforts worth it and to hopefully maximize your sales.

  • Price.  Have I mentioned before that pricing is everything? I know, I’ve said it too much, I’m sure. But seriously, take some time to think about your pricing and make sure you’re not pricing too high (or too low, but that’s not usually a problem for most consignors!). It can take a few sales to get the hang of it, but you’ll get there. See the post below for more help.
  • Half-Off Sale.  While it is hard to think of some of our precious baby items going for half what we think they are worth, our strongest sellers consistently opt to mark their items Discounted for the Half-Price sale. Perhaps you have a few major items you’d rather not see go half-off, but for the rest, we recommend discounting items.
  • Quality. As you’re going through your things to sell, PLEASE weed out the junk, the stained items, the really worn clothing, and the super outdated stuff.  Again, our big sellers understand this and put in a large volume of items that are also high quality, good brand name clothing. I tend to make two to three trips to local clothing donation centers as I work through the consigning process and come across things that are just not high quality enough for the sale.
  • Presentation.  You may be consigning the most adorable, trendy, barely worn Abercrombie shirt, but if it looks like it’s been rolled up in a ball for a year, it still may not sell. Take the time to present items properly for a better shot at higher sales.

If you’ve consigned with us before, what advice would you share about what has or hasn’t worked well for you in increasing your sales?  Leave a comment below and share your tips!

And, as always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Consignors, What Now?


So, you’ve consigned in one of our sales, but the day is over, you’ve received your check (which has motivated you to do it again) but you’re not sure what to do now?

Typically there are several months between the end of one sale and when registration opens for the next, so you can’t start entering/editing items again for a little while, but there are some things you can do to put yourself in tip-top-selling shape while you wait.

First, get organized!  If you haven’t already, start with two large bins and mark one “Fall” and one “Spring”.  This will allow you to drop clothing and other household items in the appropriate bins throughout the coming months as you come across them.  When it comes sale time, you’re already organized with your seasonal pile and ready to enter-away!

Second, start gathering those hangers.  Find a box or another storage bin to store wire or plastic store hangers in throughout the year so you’re not scrambling the Thursday before the sale for hangers.  We often have extra hangers, so just ask if you’re in need!  You can also gather them up as you make purchases at department stores, as well as asking dry cleaners and Dollar Stores if you can have their extra hangers (and many are happy to do this for free!).

Next, remember our referral credit to get a jump-start of your consignor check without even selling a single item!  Consignors earn $5 for every NEW (never consigned before) consignor they refer who registers and submits their $10 fee.  You can earn credit for up to 20 referrals, which will be a fabulous extra $100 on your consignor check!  So, start thinking of all the friends, family, and co-workers that would benefit from our sales!  Keep a list and be sure to let them know when registration opens, they should sign up and write YOUR name in the “referred by” field of the form so you get your credit!

Lastly, get even MORE organized! If you’re truly feeling motivated and have the space, go ahead and start hanging items for the next sale, and get them in size/gender order, while you’re at it.  Once it’s time to register, all you’ll have to do is type in those descriptions and tag your already hung and sized items, ready for drop-off!

Quick Tip: Create a Sizing Guide + Shopping List

vc consignment

Several years ago I read this idea on a consignment blog and thought it was a really fun one to pass on to you all.

Try it out and see if it helps you shop quicker and wiser! :)

1. Trace your child’s foot on cardstock & cut it out.

2. Then measure a pair of your child’s pants that are “long enough” with a string. Attach the string to your “foot.”

3. Then, on one side of the card stock write your NEEDS, flip it over and write your WANTS.

You’ll have a handy measuring tool and shopping list for the sale… much easier than a wiggly child!!


Hello dear Village Closet-ers.  Welcome to our new site.  We hope you can find your way around alright!

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Looking forward to an exciting year of thrifted finds!

Lauren + Heidi

PS: We hope to be posting here on the blog regularly, so be sure to check back now, ya hear? 😉