Accepted Items

We depend on our consignors to only bring quality items in EXCELLENT CONDITION that are clean, pressed, current, and free of stains.  This is important to guarantee an excellent shopping experience, as well as to give you the best chance of your items selling.  Because of this, we reserve the right to refuse any item at drop-off that does not meet the guidelines. We have become stricter on what we’ll accept at each sale, so please do not spend time tagging items that are old, stained, ripped, broken, or worn down, as they will be removed from the sales floor.

Not Accepted

The following items may not be consigned:

  • stuffed animals (unless they have some kind of function, like Tickle Me Elmo, for example)
  • sleepwear/lingerie
  • car seats
  • cribs
  • men’s clothing/shoes/accessories
  • VHS
  • underwear (unless brand new in package)



Clothing in sizes infant, children’s, juniors, women’s, & maternity sizes

  • All clothing items should be in new or EXCELLENT used condition, clean, and only gently worn.
  • Clothing must be completely free of stains, tears, broken zippers, pulls, pilling, etc.
  • Please zip zippers, button buttons, snap snaps, and tie bows to best present the items.
  • Please be sure that items are somewhat current. Outdated items (older than 5 years) will likely not sell well & may not be accepted.
  • Shoes must be in excellent condition, free of scuffs & significant wear, & in current styles.
  • Underwear, pacifiers, & other such items will only be accepted if NEW in package.



Including: baby slings/carriers, highchairs, swings, baby monitors, pack n’ plays, strollers, etc.

As always, must be clean & in excellent, functioning condition.


INCLUDING: bikes, books, children’s DVDs, puzzles, outdoor items, play gyms, Barbies, & exersausers. Toys are EXCELLENT sellers!

  • Toys should come to the sale clean & functioning.
  • No broken toys or missing pieces.
  • Battery-operated toys MUST include batteries so we (& the shoppers) can test them & know they work properly.
  • Absolutely NO recalled toys or other recalled children’s items! Please be sure to check the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission website ( to make sure none of your items are on the list. CONSIGNORS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ENSURING ITEMS ARE NOT RECALLED.
  • NO STUFFED ANIMALS unless they have some sort of function, like Tickle Me Elmo or other talking/mechanical toys.


  • Current styles & only very gently used (they should show no significant signs of use).
  • “Knock-off” brand purses must state this on the tag. If you are not sure of a bag/purse’s authenticity, please do not claim it is the real thing.


Including Boppy’s, clean bottles, diaper bags, current maternity wear, & clean breast pumps.


Including changing tables, curtains, mobiles, comforters, rockers/gliders, bumpers, & quilts

NOTE: You must come to drop-off prepared to assemble & carry any large items, such as cribs, rocker, etc.


We will accept items like: vases, lamps, tables, chairs, rugs, mirrors, prints, books, DVDs, etc.
Items should be somewhat current, where appropriate.

***IF YOU HAVE LARGE FURNITURE ITEMS: We will only accept a limited number of large furniture items. Larger items must be pre-approved by The Village Closet. Please email us at with a photo of the item if you would like to consign.
***We reserve the right to deny any item that does not meet our standard for quality.