Prepping + Tagging

Suggested Supply List

Safety pins and/or tagging gun (optional)
Clear packing tape
Wire hangers
Ziplock bags
White Card Stock

Preparing Items to Sell

As you prepare your items for sale, remember that the better they look, the more likely they are to sell! Please take care to prepare items as described below to ensure a quick and easy drop off.

  • Items must be in excellent, gently used condition. No tears, stains, or pilling. Be sure to visit our page on accepted items.
  • Items need to be clean and wrinkle-free.
  • All items must be hung on wire hangers (you can usually find them at Walmart, The Dollar Store, and dry-cleaners) or white/clear plastic store hangers (the kind that stores like Kohl’s, Target, JC Penny, etc. use to hang all their clothes.). NO PLASTIC TUBULAR HANGERS, please. They take up too much space.
  • Please hang so that the hook part of the hanger faces left, forming a question mark (?) shape when you look at the garment.
  • Outfits may be sold together (they may sell better this way!) and need to be pinned together using safety pins.
  • Pants & skirts should be hung on department store style pant hangers if possible. If these are not available, they may be pinned with safety pins to the hangers. (Do not simply fold them over a hanger, as they will fall on the floor).
  • Loose items with multiple pieces, such as certain toys, bibs, hair bows, socks, etc., may be grouped using ziplock bags. In this case, tags should be taped tightly with clear packing tape on the bag. Puzzles may also be wrapped in plastic wrap and securely taped if they do not fit in a zip-lock.
  • Shoes must be in excellent, like-new condition and can be either tied together by the laces, attached using zip ties, or placed together in a zip-lock bag.

Tagging Your Items

Every item must include a barcoded tag on it to ensure you receive credit for its sale.

After you’ve registered, you will log-in to the Consignor Home Page and enter all of your items with size, description, and price online, and then print barcoded tags. You will also enter whether you want your items to go half-price, and whether you wish to donate or keep unsold items.

Printing Your Tags

It is absolutely essential to your sales that you closely follow directions on printing your tags in order for the barcode to be properly read.

Please follow these important instructions when printing:

1.) Do NOT print on the “High Qaulity” setting, especially on an inkjet. This sprays too much ink and makes the edges of the bars “fuzzy”, making them difficult for the scanner to read. Before you print, simply go to settings to ensure you are not printing at high quality.

2.) Use WHITE CARD STOCK ONLY. Avoid the “designer” card stocks that are fiberous, as they tend to soak up too much ink. DO NOT PRINT ON REGULAR PAPER.

3.) Laser printers work best for barcodes if you have the choice; However, ink jets should be fine as long as you follow the above instructions. The important thing is not necessarily the darkness of the bar, but the “crispness” of the lines.

4.) You must turn off your pop-up blocker in order for your tags for print.

5.) If your tags have messed up descriptions or print the barcodes on a separate page, see more troubleshooting suggestions under the Help for Consignors tab.

Following the above directions gives the best chance your barcodes can be read by the scanner, therefore ensuring that you receive credit for the sale of your items.

Attaching Your Tags

Tagging Gun: If you have one, please use a tagging gun to CAREFULLY attach your tags to the garment.

You can usually find tagging guns locally at Staples and sometimes Walmart, although in store tend to be pricier.  You can also find cheaper tagging guns online, through Amazon or ebay.

Or Safety Pins: If you do not have a tagging gun, you may use safety pins (NO straight pins, please) to attach the tag to the actual left hand corner of the garment (the right side if you’re looking at the garment), or on the tag inside the neckline to avoid holes.

For toys, accessories, and other items, you may tape the tag using a strong packing tape.