The most valuable pricing advice we can give you is to price your items to sell! You want to feel a sense of accomplishment for cleaning out those closets and for taking the time to prep and tag your items. Most people would rather a nice, big check after the sale than a whole bunch of returned items.

Think about what you would pay for similar, gently used items, and price accordingly, taking into consideration wear and condition of the item.
In general, gently used items should be priced 25-35% of retail prices.
Price items in $0.50 increments only. (ex. $2.50, $4.00, $10.50, etc)
Price brand name items (Gap, Gymboree, Graco, Vera Bradley, etc) on the higher end of the scale, non-brand/department store items (from Target, Sears, Kohls, etc) on the lower end of the scale.

You may also want to use the Pricing Guide suggestions below as a general guide in pricing your items.

Pricing Guide

These are simply suggestions. You may price your items however you wish.

For Infant & Children’s Clothing

Play/casual wear (shirts, shorts, skirts, sweatpants, leggings) $1-$4

Nicer pants, jeans, sweaters, skirts, tops $2-$7

Complete outfits & sets, nicer dresses, jumpers $3-$8

Holiday dresses, boutique outfits $4+

Infant Equipment

Diaper Genies/Champs, Potty Chair, etc $3-7

Breast Pumps $10-$30 for singles, $20-$150 for doubles

Baby swings, high chairs $10-$35

Bouncy seat, umbrella stroller, exersaucer $5-$25

Strollers, carseats, bassinets $10-$40

For Adult Sized Items

Casual tops, shorts, sweats, etc. $1-6

Nicer pants, jeans, skirts, & blouses $3-10

Complete outfits, nicer dresses, dress shirts, etc. $5-13

Dressier dresses, suits, etc. $10+

Handbags, shoes $2-$10+

Again, please note that the key to pricing your items is to be aware of the brands & the condition of the items. Non-brand-name items or less expensive brands should be priced at the lowest end of the scale, while brand names should be priced towards the highest.

Also see Ideas of Items to Sell for specific brand names in each category.

For further help or questions pricing your items, please feel free to contact us.