At Village Closet, we believe in our community and would love to help your school, organization, club, or other non-profit raise funds.

We have added a great adverstising option for those who wish to fundraise with the Village Closet.

ADVERTISING FUNDRAISER: We will provide special flyers to your organization that feature details of our sale and also a special spot that identifies your group. You will receive an email copy of the flyer to then print and distribute to anyone you wish (friends & family of your staff, to your mailing list, etc). Let them know that when they bring the special flyer on the day of the sale, $1 for every $10 spent from each shopper with a flyer will go towards your organization! Limit 1 flyer per shopper. Flyers only good during regular sale hours, (not for Half-Price sale).

The more people you send the flyer to, the more funds you raise! We will collect the flyers at the sale and send your organization a check within 3 weeks of the sale!

Please contact us to get started!